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Frequently Asked Questions Game FAQ1.) Are multiple nations allowed? No. A player may not have more than one nation. This rule was implemented Feb. 18, 2006. There is one nation per player, period. Players in possession of multiple nations before Feb. 18 were grand fathered under the conditions t... Guide to Cyber Nations: - Cyber Nations is a popular game with over 200,000 nations created. The point of the game is to build up your infrastructure , land and technology until you get to the top 5% of nations. When you reach there, you buy nuclear weapons, and become a master. Cyber nations is abbreviated CN. Cyber Nations - an online nation simulation game - NEWRPG Cyber Nations. Cyber Nations is a free text-based online nation simulation game. This game is sort of a political game. You can create a nation and the choose your own style to rule your people. You can even choose your government, tax rate and much more. Bug: first script slot does not work correctly | NI Community ...

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Cyber Nations Tournament Edition is not a charity website and it is not a non-profit organization. Donations are used to help support the site including hosting fees, software licensing, maintenance, administration and employee fees, bandwidth fees, and upgrades for the game as well as other expenses as determined by administration. A Greconorseman Proposal | Cyber Nations Wiki | FANDOM A Greconorseman Proposal is a Peace, Intelligence, and Aid Treaty between Cronus and Through Yggdrasil's Roots. The treaty was ratified and announced on January 29, 2009. Cronus disbanded on March 10, 2009, nullifying the treaty. Contents[show] Preamble "Dearly Beloved, we are gathered here... How alliances in Cyber Nations cheat to achieve sanction

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Nations caught trying to fill opponent's aid slots by sending unsubstantial joke aid packages will receive an in-game warning. 6. Account deletions and/or modifications can occur at any time by the Cyber Nations administrator(s) and/or moderator(s) at their discretion. Cyber Nations Forum Rules - Cyber Nations Forums Cyber Nations Forum Rules In the process of registering on this forum, all players--including you--agreed to accept these terms and conditions and the terms and conditions of Invision Power Board. In doing so you essentially signed an electronic contract pledging to have read the rules and TOS an... Cyber Nations, A Nation Simulation Game If both nations have a Federal Aid Commission wonder you may send foreign aid in secret by clicking the secret aid box in the aid offer screen. When you send foreign aid in secret it will cost the sending nation 200% of the items that are sent. The receiving nation will still get the actual amounts of the items that are sent as usual. Cyber Nations, A Nation Simulation Game

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Last week we learned that the federal government plans to create a Cyber Threat Intelligence Integration Center (CTIIC). There is some confusion about the purpose of this agency, especially as it ... Aid Bug - Report A Bug - Cyber Nations Forums I have a foreign ministry but only have four aid slots available to me. Never had this problem before i.e., have had five slots filled before. Not sure what to do. EDIT: Problem went away when I deleted some of my older aid actions that were still showing. Still a bug (I guess) but at least the p... Foreign Aid Slots - Report A Bug - Cyber Nations Forums Any of my search term words; All of my search term words; Find results in... Content titles and body; Content titles only Cyber Nations, A Nation Simulation Game

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Cyber Nations - Cyber Nations is an online simulation game which is completely free and you don’t have to download anything, it is ran completely through the Cyber Nations website, your goal is to create a Nation which you will run the way you want to, and make all the decisions regarding your nation, like choosing the Government Type, Religion and much more. Cyber Nations Tournament Edition Cyber Nation Tournament Edition is a free online nation simulation game. Interact with other players while you build and defend your empire.